Nike | Air VaporMax Vision-AIRS ‘Experiments In Style’

  • Del Mak
  • Ruth Illger

Celebrating 30 years of the Air Max, Del is asked to movement direct 5 new wave designers’ creations honoring the essence of the new Nike Air VaporMax and explore the concept of walking on air through a series of Experiments in Style. Representing Central Saint Martins, Domus Academy and the Parsons School of Design, Azar Rajabi, Liam Johnson, Paula Canovas, Wanbing Huang and Shize He were given a brief to create unique garments with the traits of new Nike Air VaporMax and push new boundaries in construction and material. Del worked with the dancers in each individual design in order to create movement that would compliment and push their characteristics and composition as well as keeping focus on the new Nike Air Vapormax shoe.