Nike | Erin Aniker Illustration

  • Erin Aniker
  • Akeil Onwukwe-adamson
  • Arian Saravi
  • Hamusa Sesay

NIKE Artwork inspired by Optical Art movement to celebrate the release of the Air Max 270 React. Nike commissioned a series of artists to create bespoke art pieces inspired by each of the trainers’ colourways. Featuring touches of Impressionism, Pop Art, Bauhaus, American Modern, Mid Century, Optical Art, Psychedelic and Geometric, each of the seven trainers tells its own unique story. "One of the artists behind the range is Erin Aniker, illustrator and co-curator of the We Are Here exhibitions. Her monochrome illustration for the React 270s makes your eyes pop, borrowing techniques from op art masters Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely, and visuals from her home town and upbringing. “A lot of my work explores community, growing up and living and working in East London,” she explains. "For Nike, I included some figures but tried to keep them quite abstract. I wanted to have a mix to hint at the diverse community, people and cultures which make up London. I also took inspiration from the sharp angles and forms of London’s skyline and Brutalist architecture. “I’m also really influenced by Islamic patterns, growing up with dual Turkish and British heritage and surrounded by a lot of Islamic textiles and ceramics, so this has a big influence on the way I explore pattern and composition.” - Laura Snoad, It's Nice That


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