Nike+ FuelBand

  • Blue Canariñho
  • Niall McCormack
There has never been a way to measure activity. Nike wanted to change that. They came to us with an idea: a device that tracks your daily activity and a common, universal metric called Fuel for every active body out there, no matter who you are or what you do. They asked us to design the entire user experience.

Using FuelBand is effortless: set your goal, and get from red to green. If you meet your goal, animations celebrate your performance. Hit your goal consistently and Fuelie shows up to cheer you on. Data visualizations show where you were most active daily, weekly, monthly, and beyond. Bluetooth technology synchs your Fuel wirelessly to the platform when you finish your day.

The Nike+ FuelBand levels the playing field, and fits into your life. Life is a sport, make it count.