NIKE "Hungry German Youth"

  • Sebastian Oehme
A grassroots campaign for the European Football Championship 2012 created to outplay Adidas, which were the main sponsor of the tournament. NIKE wanted to focus on young footballers that are hungry and impatient to make it to the top. So instead of an ad campaign we gave them their own movement: HUNGRY GERMAN YOUTH.

At the heart of our this campaign was not a big commercial but a product: The HUNGRY GERMAN YOUTH shirt designed by Paul Snowden. In the beginning it was only worn by athletes in the German national team like Mesut Özil, Mario Götze, Sami Khedira and Jérôme Boateng. But weeks later it was one of the most thought after fashion items and had kicked of a momentum that ambushed the main sponsor Adidas and got NIKE roughly 100 million in earned media. Only by using social media and interactive promotions.