Nike Hypervenom III : Strike Night

  • Malcolm Riley

“Strike Night” saw 6 elite players in the latest Hypevenom III’s go head-to-head in a finishing battle to be crowned strike night champion. The tournament featured the world’s first full size, fully interactive LED goal and was broadcast globally on Facebook Live. Collins Music Hall deep beneath the streets of London was the location selected for the tournament. The key art needed to showcase the style and energy of the event long before the crowds arrived and the venue had been dressed... I got behind the camera and shot background plates at various exposures to capture the venue in all its glory. Next I directed a small group of people from booth to booth creating the basis for the crowd. I retouched and composited the various plates before adding any and all elements necessary to turn a small group of people into a hyped up crowd, and a cool building into an epic event space. I was fortunate enough to be there on the night and put my camera to good use!