Nike Jordan — strategy for women

  • Martin Schnabl

Creative strategy for Nike Jordan in order to develop the female category in a relevant and authentic way. Talking to 5 women between the ages of 18-24, we explored whether and how the existing brand CTA to UNITE could be relevant to young women. Delving into the subtleties of personal life experiences, we wanted to find out if there is room in her life for a brand to become constructively influential and inspirational. Where do Gen Z females seek — and offer — inspiration and mentorship? Excerpts only. For Adam and Youngson. Reference images only.

Advice is everywhere — so how can a brand offer something that feels truly valuable? What role will influencers play in the foreseeable future, and what is it that will make them influential?
Many progressive Gen Z women take a lot of responsibility for each other, and for their chosen communities.
Cultural and political sensitivities mean that a brand or campaign TOV has to resonate in a way that feels hyper transparent and genuine. It needs to celebrate the achievements of Gen Z women and be open to being led by them, rather than trying to lead them.