Nike Plus - Cheerleading

  • Yasmin Spencer
  • elizabeth marshall

Statistics show that girls aged 14-19 are struggling to participate in sports. But what statistics overlook is that there is an activity that girls are participating in... that’s Cheerleading! Cheerleading is the fastest growing activity in the UK, especially for teen girls! But the problem is, it’s not classed as an official sport by SportEngland. As a result of this, Cheerleading lacks funding and girls don’t feel included in sports culture or championed as the athletes they are! Nike Plus is supporting every athlete! Nike will include and support cheerleaders within sports culture through the perks of Nike Plus membership. They will create a new sports culture that welcomes Cheerleading and champions girls of all backgrounds as athletes and part of the Nike community. Through this, Nike will support the fight for cheerleading to gain it’s official UK sport status!