Nike Speeding Ticket

Speeding is not allowed on roads and paths. Everyone – from the police to your mother – tells you to slow down. Because they think speeding is dangerous. The Nike Zoom footwear line is all about being fast. So fast in fact that speeding is encouraged, even rewarded. We created a digital speeding trap installation that caught runners speeding by measuring their top speed and issuing them with a unique, share-worthy Nike branded Speeding Ticket.

Speeding Tickets is a digital experience in a physical space. The rig represents a hybrid software and hardware solution that merges electronics, web applications and retail systems to deliver a seamless and immediate brand experience. It drove runners to progress and encouraged product trials in ways that Nike had never done before.  Runners dropped the hammer, broke their speed limit and shared photos of their Speeding Tickets in their social channels. Speeding Tickets was set up in multiple locations, including the Olympic stadium in Amsterdam, where World Champion Dafne Schippers was on-hand to give encouragement to participants.  Speeding Tickets encouraged runners from across Europe to log their fastest speed, and share their experiences via social channels.