Peter Brown

Senior CopywriterLondon, United Kingdom
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Peter Brown

Senior CopywriterLondon, United Kingdom
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  • Beats by Dr. Dre- The Game Starts Here
    Beats by Dr. Dre- The Game Starts HereAt the Rugby World Cup, we reinforced Beats’ dominance of the pre-game. We kicked off with three online films that chronicled the authentic journey of legendary rugby captains. Stirring up new patriotism and old rivalries, as well as paying homage to each nation's style of rugby. The integrated campaign lasted the length of the tournament and featured the perfect pregame cooking show, exclusive music, and an original haka. With basketball, football and tennis covered by Beats, we set our sights on rugby, with the aim that the spotlight on the sport’s World Cup propels our #TheGameStartsHere campaign to inspire casual fans to try the product. We wanted to create something that reflected that it’s not just about the player or the team; it’s about national pride. The result was that the Beats Rugby World Cup campaign was the most viewed sports campaign we’ve ever created for the brand, with over 76 million YouTube views. The campaign also had a significant impact on Beats headphone sales, with eCommerce traffic up across all featured countries during the RWC by 64% and actual eCom sales up 25%. The campaign also gained Beats 454,000 new fans on social media (FB, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter).
  • Google Year in Search
    Google Year in SearchGoogle has lost a little of its brand love in the last few years. People see the business more than the personality and lack a powerful emotional connection. Every year, Google makes a campaign to be a part of the world’s reflection on the year that was. Increasingly, other brands are cluttering up this space making it imperative that Google stands out and delivers something genuinely unique. Our goal was to increase brand love, be a part of popular culture at the end of the year and to turn Google’s utility and function into an emotional connection. Our insight was clear: somewhere in the things we search for is a little bit of who we are. People search in an unfiltered and instinctive way. In 2014 the world searched trillions of times, a massive data set that offered us a snapshot of the times we’re living in. When you look at it properly, search data is a valuable survey of humanity. Our strategy was to use this rich source of insight to offer a unique and never before seen view of the times that we are living in. Our team worked with Google Engineers and Data Analysts to organise and synthesise millions of lines of data, crafting them into insights. We were actively digging beneath the obvious layers that other media, brands and social can already tell us. We turned these data insights into short stories of search, taking them out into the world and sharing them through a fully integrated campaign. First, we produced an inspirational film, called “Year in Search”, that brought people into the idea. Then, we invited them to explore the stories in greater depth in a responsive site translated into 42 different languages. The collection of stories we uncovered were turned into a Film, TVCs, an immersive website, a booklet in the New York Times, and a social content strategy. Journalists even used our stories to help shape their own reports. Finally, we joined the celebrations during NYE in the middle of New York City with the biggest digital screen in the northern hemisphere. A monument to the year in the middle of the collective emotions of 1million people. We increased positive sentiment for Google by 26% during the campaign. Our stories became a part of popular culture with over 30M views of the film, 10M site visits, 2.6B social impressions, coverage in every major media globally and participation from some of the most influential pop culture figures and brands including Justin Timberlake, Nicki Minaj, Game of Thrones, Miami Heat and Lego. We set out to offer a perspective of the year that only Google could tell, and we ended up creating a totally new storytelling platform.
  • Heineken @wherenext
    Heineken @wherenext
  • Nike LOF
    Nike LOFA social campaign I directed through R/GA using existing social assets with a backbone of directed action.
  • Nike Speeding Ticket
    Nike Speeding TicketSpeeding is not allowed on roads and paths. Everyone – from the police to your mother – tells you to slow down. Because they think speeding is dangerous. The Nike Zoom footwear line is all about being fast. So fast in fact that speeding is encouraged, even rewarded. We created a digital speeding trap installation that caught runners speeding by measuring their top speed and issuing them with a unique, share-worthy Nike branded Speeding Ticket.
  • Rexona /Sure - For Everyday Athletes
    Rexona /Sure - For Everyday AthletesFor everyday athlete My first campaign in the land of the Queen to the world.  I developed this project for Rexona/Sure as a freelancer at R/GA London. It was the creation of a new concept for the Rexona brand for the next three years that was launched during the Brazilian Olympics. We used the concept that people unknowingly practice sports every day when they move.We had the idea of making them feel like real Olympians by turning their everyday tasks into real sports activities. With this concept, we created the digital campaign, prints, OOH and TV adverts. The project was implemented across the world and each local market created its own version "For everyday athletes". Digital - Social - Print - Mobile - OOH
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