Nike Trainers Hub

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  • Catherine Pryce
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Connect with the world’s best minds in training


While top athletes have access to knowledge from the best trainers and sports scientists in the world, most everyday athletes are lucky if they have more than a gym membership.


Unprecedented access to Nike’s network of elite trainers - the same access and expertise as the pros.


The Nike Trainers Hub is a 1:1 connection tool and intelligent database designed to help all athletes take their training to the next level. A destination where any athlete can ask questions about their own training and receive an answer directly from the trainers who train the world’s best athletes.The multi-lingual web platform allows Nike+ members to get personalized advice or learn the methodology behind pro training and techniques. Answers are evolved into content, developing a deep knowledge base of training expertise where athletes can learn from other’s questions.The platform is seamlessly integrated into the Nike+ Training Club app — bolstering Nike’s offering of training services to help athletes reach their peak physical potential.


The Nike Trainers Hub is Nike’s first service directly connecting athletes to their network of experts. Tens of thousands of questions have been answered globally with more asked daily.It has developed into a comprehensive database of training expertise that covers every major aspect of training for all major sports.Featured in industry publications such as Hypebeast and exposed to 1.9 million N+TC users, it continues to push human potential for millions of athletes globally.