Nike+ Training Club

In the world of fitness training we’re witnessing a shift in attitudes. Gender no longer separates us. We’re all athletes taking part in the same sport, with the shared goal of becoming the best athletic versions of ourselves.

For the first time Nike unveiled their training philosophy with an experience that’s built from a deep understanding of training behaviours to work for everyone across the core pillars of Strength, Cardio and Mobility.
Channeling expert guidance from Nike master trainers, it delivers adaptive training plans that respond to performance data and user feedback, and provides the right type of guidance to support every fitness IQ. 
Instructional audio and video clips from Nike Trainers to help you perfect your technique and get the most from each workout.
Our journey began by innovating the way we worked.  We started by eliminating the line between client and agency, uniting our powers to form a cross-functional core team of creative, user experience, research and tech.
We adopted Atomic Design Methodologies, with AKQA, Nike Digital Design and 3rd parties working side by side to develop a design system that could extend beyond Nike+ Training Club and into every Nike Digital touchpoint.
Our design was driven by research. We built a full service test lab in the AKQA London office, mirroring test environments at Nike. We began targeted recruitment drives to locate users and using prototypes of all fidelities, observed natural behaviours to identify problems and their patterns. Nike+ Training Club is an experience created for the user, by the user.

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