Nivea Q10 Energy - Hit Refresh

  • Camille Caie

With the world going into lockdown in the midst of the 2020 COVID pandemic we were tasked with redeveloping and concepting a global 360° campaign for the launch of a new Nivea Q10 face cream. To be shot during the height of the pandemic - the first ever beauty commercial filmed in lock down.

Targeting thirty-something millennials - an 'always on' generation whose fast paced lifestyles can take its tole on their skin. With COVID in mind resulting in a change in the way millennials are living their lives we chose to target them within a digital narrative, at a time when now more than ever they are living through digital screens...
Our manifesto... We stare at our many screens 24/7. 15+ windows open. WhatsApp as we work. Pings left, right and centre. Overwhelmed by information, We’ve become multitasking masters. But it’s not just our stress levels paying the price: our skin is too. Just as we feel overwhelmed, our skin gets tired. And that’s when fine lines and the telltale signs of our busy lives start to make their mark. It’s time to reboot. Time to...Hit Refresh

Credits Agency: Publicis One Touch Creative Director: Scott Bradley Snr. Art Direction: Camille Caie, Jenny White Snr. Copy: Lisa Hannelore & Chloe Davis Design: Camille Caie, Finny Nguyen Director: Astri De Leon Beauty DOP: Elodie Tahtane @elodietahtane Still Life SOP: Selim Zouaoui @selim_zouaoui_bernard SFX: Serge Roux Hair Stylist: Vi Sapyyapy @visapyyapy Make-up artist: Vanessa Bellini @vanessa_bellini_ Nails: Alexandra Janowski @alexandrajanowski Still Life Photographer: Romain Riviere Beauty Photographer: Inherited Photography Cast Agathe Fournier @fournier_agathe