NME Article: The Game-Changers Of Generation Nomad – Introducing Mercedes Benson

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Meet 10 young game-changers who are united by the same mindset: it’s your path, you can create it. They are singers, songwriters, artists and presenters; graphic designers, rappers, fashion designers and gig promoters. You haven’t heard of them yet, but you will. They are the future. This time, it’s music curator, blogger and social media wizard Mercedes Benson.

AGE: 24
FROM: Finchley.
IS: Music curator, gig promoter, fashion blogger, social media guru.
HER STORY: Mercedes was studying biomedical science when it dawned on her that her true passion wasn’t to be found in the lab. “The aim was to be a doctor, but halfway through the course I realised I was someone who needed to be creative,” she says. So she started to take internships at PR agencies and fashion brands, surrounding herself with the music and clothes she loved. In 2009 she set up a style blog on her website mercedesfbenson.com and last year moved on to putting on gigs, focusing on experimental new age soul artists like OthaSoul, Emmavie and Tiffani Juno. She now runs Google’s social media accounts and also works as a curator for online music discovery service 22tracks.
WHY SHE’S INSPIRING: Mercedes describes herself as a “renaissance girl”, and is living proof that it’s possible to get stuck into a variety of creative endeavours, if you have the passion. She started her quarterly showcase of new talent, Future SNDS at London’s XOYO, as a result of her own frustration with the live scene. “I was tired of reading blogs about my favourite up-and-coming artists,” she says. “I wanted to see them on stage, so I said f**k it, let’s do it. Anything you believe in and put your mind to will work.” Next, Mercedes plans to create a platform that fuses music and charity. “I want to give back,” she adds.
HER FUTURE IS: “I believe in living in the moment – so it’s now.”
MORE: @mercedesfbenson
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