No Past Land

  • Esther Sanchez
  • Erifili Missiou
  • Evris Bziotas
After the discovery of the Mexican Suitcase - three boxes filled with negatives of Robert Capa, Gerda Taro and Chim’s work about the Spanish Civil War in Mexico - I realised that I knew nothing about the bloodiest event in the modern history of my own country. Censorship laws, lack of information, hidden facts, lack of interest, economic interests.... A shallow educational system which has never taught us about it in detail, family members who were scared or just wanted to forget about it…
In this panorama, the government proudly contributes to close wounds with the generous budget of zero euros to those who try to find their still missing relatives. More than 100.000 people are resting in mass graves around the country.
With this project, I’m looking at the past in the present. I am looking for my real self, a person who grew up in a pretty young democracy that was still influenced by what was a very prohibitive and strong dictatorship. I am looking for answers, for reasons and for new questions.


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    Kingston University