Side Hustle/ Activism

No Regime Broadsheet

  • Kayla Flett

Young people are increasingly becoming more educated and opinionated when it comes to global issues, and consequently are realising the power they have to make a change in the world. Activism is not a new concept by all means, however it is always relevant. No Regime is a collective concept created to unite young iconoclasts, and empower them to change their online and offline opinions, beliefs and motives into active behaviours. The first step to achieving this is discussion, sharing and learning from one another. No Regime believes that empathetic thinking and wholistic approaches are necessary in the present world, where the amount of existing global issues seems to only heighten each day. Volume one of the No Regime publication contains interviews with several young people about their personal opinions, and political stances. The publication also contains a collective manifesto written by young people, for young people. This is an ongoing project, and has been left open-ended.