Nokia: Querty Me

Campaign to launch the Nokia Asha 303 phone in Indonesia. This is a relatively cheap phone with box standard features. How do you make an average phone stand out and outsell country's best seller Blackberry - you challenge the audience to challenge a local pop-rock band to do their bidding - no matter how crazy or insane - as long as the challenges are send via text, tweets, facebook or even via WhatsApp.
The campaign has received over 16,000 requests in the first week alone! We seeped through all the suggestions, pulled out the craziest of the crazy and made them all happen live over the course of one week, a month after the launch of the initial campaign.
And the response? Nokia Asha phones sold like hotcakes - and we got inundated with requests to make the same thing happen in other countries. 

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Creative Director / Art Director