Nominet Digital Neighbourhood

The problem:
As the holder of all domains, Nominet need to create a more vibrant digital economy if their business is to grow. So our challenge was to help them create a more vibrant digital economy.
We knew that it was key to support SMEs if we were to impact the UKs digital economy due to them being such a high % of UK business. We also knew that there were many programmes already trying to achieve this, such as Google Garages. So what could we do that would be different.
Through research we saw that the majority of existing programmes are focusing on training and skills, but missing the point that SMEs struggle with digital because they lack the time. This brought the challenge of how do we make a positive impact on SMEs time?
And this is where the second point that we focussed on arises. Young people. We knew that youth unemployment was an issue, not having experience in the workplace was an issue. Work experience as it currently exists is broken, as it's built on networks. But this means it doesn't benefit young people from more deprived areas. 
These young people have ambition but lack opportunity. They also have native digital skills and time. Therefore they are a natural fit to support SMEs with digital skills whilst gaining experience.
The solution:
Create an experience exchange. An experience that gives mutual benefits to the SMEs and young people.
We trained young people to professionalise their native digital skills, then matching them with SMEs, allowing the young people to support the businesses by working on, or creating their digital channels whilst also imparting digital knowledge.
An exchange that gave the SMEs time, and gave the young people experience in a business.
We are running Digital Neighbourhood across 4 locations in year 1 - Leeds, Glasgow, London and Cardiff. Focusing on areas of deprivation within these cities, as this is where youth unemployment is most problematic.
In total this year we will train 120 young people and over 60 SMEs, with the plan next year being to tool kit the programme so other businesses can run similar experiences.