Side Hustle/ Mentoring

Non-Executive Director

  • Alex Hedges
  • Jude Arnup
  • Caroline Bottomley

At SHINY our mission is to discover talented new directors and to help under-represented and diverse directors access the commercial production industry. SHINY is a chance for directors and industry VIPs to interact face to face and to see the best new work. No appointment necessary. No nepotism at play. Every video entered to the SHINYlist is guaranteed professional reviews from the world-class industry VIPs in our jury network. Highest scoring entries are added to the list, and screened at regular events in London, New York and Los Angeles. The SHINYlist is also emailed to over 1,000 brand, agency & production company partners worldwide. Every February we run the annual awards, to determine the very best videos submitted during the previous year. We arrange sponsorships to allow hard-to-reach emerging directors to participate in SHINY for free. SHINY is a not-for-profit limited company.