Nordic Choice Hotels: Overhaul of All Digital Content (2015)

This was a six month content/brand management contract to ensure all new and translated English content was of excellent quality, that everything was on-brand and that it reflected the company's youthful/approachable image.
The project began with a few days of on-site research and meetings, followed by extensive online and offline research of the group, its history and its values.
Once I had gained a full understanding of Nordic Choice Hotels and the various sub-brands, I drew up several brand/content management documents covering each brand/hotel chain. Documents included: a style guide, a moodboard, several structure guides, a dictionary/glossary, various how-to documents and lists of approved headings and page names.
The work itself included reviewing, rewriting and adapting written content from the various contributors, checking for consistency and providing feedback to all team members, and managing the overall style and tonality of the the various brands.
The main challenge with this project was consistency, as not only were there a lot of different writers, there were also huge variations in brand language between the various hotels.
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