Norwegian Presence

  • Chris Hayes
  • Sabine Zetteler
  • Rupert Evans-Harding
  • Emily Ward

First presented in 2015, Norwegian Presence brings the best of Norway’s design and manufacturing to Milan Design Week in an annual showcase of the country’s contemporary creative scene and the values, infrastructure and materials that shape it. Returning to Zona Tortona on 21–26 April 2020, Norwegian Presence’s sixth edition will place a stronger emphasis on sustainability, carbon reduction and circular design thinking than ever before. Curated by Benedicte Sunde of DOGA (aka Design and Architecture Norway) and Oslo architects Haugen/Zohar, the exhibition will showcase materials, processes and experiments geared towards a sustainable, circular design economy. Alongside the designers who are developing intriguing new approaches to sustainable, low-carbon materials such as wood, stone and aluminium, Norwegian Presence also highlights the manufacturers who are pioneering sustainable innovations and socially and environmentally conscious production processes. Against the backdrop of Haugen/Zohar’s spectacular set, Norwegian Presence will shine a spotlight on issues such as the use of resources, the importance of material quality, and the sustainability-driven, problem-solving approaches that many of Norway’s designers and makers are taking today. WHAT WE DO FOR NORWEGIAN PRESENCE Having worked on the campaigns for Norway’s Milan exhibitions since 2016 (and numerous other Norwegian design exhibitions the world over since 2012), we are thrilled to join DOGA and co for the sixth year running and to amplify the sustainability story as loud as possible. We’re working with the organisers, designers and manufacturers to ensure the exhibition remains an eye-opening highlight of Milan Design Week. Image Credits: Norwegian Presence exhibition, Milan Design Week. Photo by Trine Hisdal.

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