Nubuke Foundation Nu'sletter

  • Chrissa Amuah

January 2021

A huge honour to have been invited, by Odile Tevie, to be the Nubuke Foundation Nu'sletter's second guest editor. I set 'Innovation' as its theme.

It was never the intention to create an all-female newsletter. This issue features a selection of contributors, who demonstrate what can be achieved when we endeavour to dig deep, be bold, reject complacency, our own stagnancy and wasted potential – for not only our own, but the greater good... They just so happen to be a collection of badass women, doing great things in Ghana.

Odile Tevie, Nubuke Director, kicks things off with a beautiful introduction: "To innovate is a plane and a place where you can experiment, experience and bring tangibility to the intangible. Innovation is about a strong conviction in the search for something new and a dissatisfaction with the status quo... Nubuke Foundation holds your hand when you jump, pries your hand away when you are afraid to look, teases and encourages and blows under your wings until you fly."

To read the issue, please click on the link -


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