Ocean Sea

  • Erica Ciuffreda

The book Ocean Sea is an intimate, typographic and poetic interpretation and re-presentation of the book Oceano Mare by Alessandro Baricco. The original book is divided into three chapters, which are narratively linked to each other, but at the same time conceptually independent from one another. For my publication I selected some quotes from the first chapter of the book and I arranged them into four new chapters - Sand, Seashells, Low tide, High tide - each one dealing with a different quality of the sea. This work puts a lot of value on words and their meaning. Through their positioning within the pages, the use of subtle effects and the occasional incorporation of black and white photography I wanted to bring out the meaning of the text and create an emotional response in the reader. Empty spaces are predominant in the publication, which allow the text to breathe and give a minimal, but visually attractive look to the book.