• Nour Hassaine

- An interview conducted and written for Cortex Creatives -

After a weekend getaway in Brighton to The Great Escape stage, Cortex sat down with Australian singer-songwriter, ODETTE. Before she embarks on her first national tour in Australia later this summer, we talked about her career, writing process and mythical creatures.
Spoiler alert: recently released single Take It To The Heart will be featured in her next album To A Stranger, set to drop this coming July.
So, who are you? Tell us a bit about yourself, your story, anything outside of your career which will help the readers understand who you are as a person.
I'm like an old lady, kind of *laughs*. Yeah, I don't know, its kind of a broad question and a deep one too. Do I even know? Probably not. I think that's the whole reason I write, is to kind of figure it out. But I guess I would just say I'm a bit of a homebody. I spent most of my time writing pretty much, doesn't matter where I am and if I'm traveling I'm mostly writing.
(This is an extract from the piece. Discover the full story here)


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