Official Liverpool Football Club App

  • Mason Wong

Shaped by the fans, for the fans - The new official app features a bold and striped-back visual style, engaging fans in an improved authentic, football focused experience. My role as a Visual Designer saw me closely collaborate with UX Designers, overseas Developers and the client during sprints. I worked on sub-sections of the general project in support to the Senior Visual Designer, spanning from UX tasks to my main involvement on the concept generation, development and animation prototyping, and lastly the continuous communication and transitioning with our overseas Developers.

Role: Visual Designer (IBM iX) Duration: 12 weeks

Available on: iOS, Android

The Goal

Today’s digital world is dominated by added complexity such as the over-use of advertisements in products. The aim of the project looks to bring back what the club and their fans genuinely desire; a striped back, authentic, football focused experience. We wanted to create an intuitive experience that provided all the data and information the fans’ need at their fingertips, further bringing the fans together from all over the world.

The project was run based on an Agile delivery method where the team worked on 2 weeks sprints.
Discovery Phase

The discovery phase saw our team take on Liverpool Football Club’s mission to redefine their online presence and further engage with their fans in new, fresh ways.

Alongside concepts exploration, I was also involved in the development of personas and user journey mapping which identified potential opportunities and establishment of our global audience; where the here, near and far concept was also derived.
UX Collaboration

Borderless collaboration with UX Designers on a daily basis allowed constant refinements to the development of the most optimum experience, laying solid foundations for visual explorations.

Together with rigorous testing and the use of a simultaneously built Atomic Design System from the team, we solved previous UX and Visual inconsistency and allowed easy future updates.
The Elements

Elements such as the use of solid, dotted-bordered and empty-bordered styles have been applied to numeric values, representing positive, neutral and negative values respectively. Whilst patterns mimicking of those on the kit have been used on match cards, subtly connecting all aspects of the app towards the Club. We implemented the use of cards and modules on various pages; whilst it allows consistent outcome when changes are made, it also presents the opportunity to provide valuable data to fans in an organised and engaging fashion.
A full screen immersive experience allows the ultimate Red’s fans a closer look to their heroes.

We wanted to utilise a bold and engaging style that is topped with rich statistics, allowing the fans to learn all they want to know about the superstars.
Animated Prototypes and Testing

In addition to static visuals, I was heavily involved in the creation of high fidelity animated prototypes using Principle, with the aim to not just better communicate our designs to the client and overseas Developers, but to bring the designs to life, increase usability and enhance the end to end experience.

Subsequently, the iterative process of refinements were further carried out through testing via APK and Testflight for both Andriod and iOS devices. This process allow optimisation of content and allowed the experience to be as intuitive and as unobstructive as possible.