Oh My Fruity Goodness!

  • Kaela White
  • yusuf özdoğan
  • Ed Bolton

When was the last time you bought a berry bircher with actual berries in it? The nation has succumbed to the great fruit dupe. Jams and sugary purees have become a substitute for the real thing: fresh, whole fruits. Prep World – one of Europe’s largest fruit suppliers ¬– could see that we needed a champion of real fruits for the nation. When the Prep World team first came to us, they had already been busy creating a range of snack pots that would showcase real, juicy whole fruits, and help the nation fill up on fresh. They had six unique products and had already started thinking about how they might go market, but were not sure what to call it. We codified their personality as being ‘Unexpectedly Fruity’, and this led us to a name that was cheeky, had a bit of zing, and included the word fruit in an unexpected place: Oh My Fruity Goodness – or OMFG for short. The messaging is packed with cheeky charm and is sometimes a bit bananas, all delivered by a fun typeface that has a real punch. We were inspired from the natural colours and stickers that you find on fruit, that makes it impossible to miss all the delicious benefits and good stuff that’s packed into each pot. It might just be a snack pot, but it is the start of a fresh fruit revolution. A chance to get the nation full of good stuff and free from the sugar trap, so everyone can feel; fresh and fruity!

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