Ola's Kitchen Diaries: Breakfast Edition

  • Folayemi Ojo
  • Hugo Pouca Roupa
  • Andrea Siegel

Ola’s Kitchen Diaries: Breakfast Edition, written by Folayemi Ojo, are a collection of Afro-Caribbean breakfast recipes shared through the stories of a curious and creative little girl exploring the joys of cooking. Ola is guided by her dad, with whom she is making traditional and authentic Afro-Caribbean recipes following the instructions in the book. The reader is getting to know Ola and her family through engaging storytelling that combines entertaining and educational tools; making learning to cook a fun, social and memorable experience for all. Each breakfast recipe comes with a complete list of ingredients and equipment needed, as well as a simple step-by-step manual that is accompanied with photographs illustrating the process. The beautifully illustrated book is inviting children and adults to come together and create something delicious in the kitchen. It also demonstrates that cooking is a fulfilling activity and an opportunity for family members to connect with each other. The current selection is just the first offering from a 4-part sequel that was created with the intention to help young people build confidence and use their creativity whilst they are learning how to prepare Afro Caribbean-inspired meals. Ola’s culinary adventures will continue in the upcoming publications of the series, where she will explore different lunch, dinner and dessert recipes, as more and more family members and friends are being introduced and invited to share a meal or two. You can grab your copy on my website www.olaskitchendiaries.com

I've had the pleasure of working with some talented and awesome creatives during the creation of this project.
Rida Munir created and painted the beautiful illustrations to this book so please check out her instagram @munirrida for more of her outstanding work!

I worked with the lovely Andrea Siegel who developed the copywright aspect and helped create a beautiful naratives and descriptions of the book as you read at the top and even on the website www.olaskitchendiaries.com .

I worked with Hugo Pouca Roupa, a fantastic and talented designer who helped curate and create different collaterals for the book which included branded book marks, stickers and t-shirt designs. He's been a pleasure to work with, very responsive and helpful and filled with loads of creative ideas that I had to get him helping me out on Yemides Kitchen too. I would 110% recommend him!!!