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Olympic Triangles - London 2012

This sculpture was influenced by the ‘Bridging the Gaps’ brief objectives to create work developed through cross-disciplinary practice and the looming inception of the 2012 Olympics held in london. The idea spawned from exploring areas of pracatice that link different disciplines, such as Engineering, Sciences, Design and the Arts.
A strong relationship that exists between different creative and industrial based practices is structural strength and patterns that are inherent within form. This is illustrated in nature in plants and bone matrixes etc... and lattice strctures used in Architecture and building for there tensile and compressive properties.
The tetrahderon is a platonic solid and was chosen due to its triangular strength and uniformity in assemblage that became a metaphor for the athletes competing and existing as inter-connected whole. The culmination of all the units and their relationship together that aided the ability to generate and infinte number of froms became paramount. This notion allowed a strong link to be created between the athletes, event and sculpture. As the idea of the sculptures construction is dictated by the athletes positions and their choice of placement.

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