One-Stop Shop For Cancer Patients Raises $7 Million To Solve "Neglected" Issues From Skincare To Sex - Forbes

Hair loss after chemotherapy is common, which is why many cancer patients choose to wear hats, wigs or headscarves.

But not every side effect of cancer is visible, and many uncomfortable symptoms often go undiscussed and untended.
Where can a person turn if they are medically stable, but they’re still experiencing pain or difficulty in day-to-day activities like exercise, caring for their kids, sleeping, bathing or having sex?
“If you’ve got a long-term condition, the medical side of things is pretty well covered, but for people with long-term conditions it's kind of just accepted you’re going to feel bad,” says British entrepreneur Tamara Rajah.
This is why, in 2015, Rajah launched her online store Live Better With, the world's first “one-stop shop” for cancer patients: to help relieve the side effects that negatively impact their every day.
The business now helps 45,000 customers around the world and has just raised $7 million from investors including Downing Ventures, Forward Partners and dmg ventures (the Daily Mail’s investment arm), bringing its total funding to $11 million to date.
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