OON LIVE 2020 (Raising Mental Health awarness in Creative industry)

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OON LIVE 2020 with Yelmo, streamed on Wednesday 23rd of December 2020 in aid of the Mental Health Foundation UK. Filmed at Fiction Studios in the heart of Farringdon, this is the second of OON’s live streamed sessions, with the help of fiction’s own Nathan Cooper. The line up included artists Clara Hurtado, Erin Bradley, Kristina Allen, Prasil, Nantas, Yeshe Levon, Maddie Abbotts Cosier & Kanti Sunflower all collaborating with the ‘sexy soul based hiphop’ beats of Yelmo Band, George Alan, (Guitarist, Bassist and co-producer), Musa Henderson (bassist and co-producer), Dominic Walker (synth and saxophone), James Cardwell (drummer), Jonathan Njoku (keys). The night also featured interviews with Chrisia, who will talk to the artists and discuss their experiences of mental health within the creative industry. Full Article/Video: https://oon-london.com/OON-Live-2020-with-Yelmo

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