Opalescent swimming jellyfish

  • Melisa Lenero

I explored the visual nuances of an 18th century Venetian opalescent glass bowl as revealed under certain lighting conditions, and its analogy to bioluminescent sea creatures. The project was held at The Courtauld Gallery in London. My aim was to showcase the piece in a way that spoke to the user. Sometimes, when looking at a gorgeous art piece and eager to know more about it, reading the label “Oil in Canvas” doesn’t reveal much of the piece and therefore there is no connection between the art piece and the viewer. I realised that this project was my chance to bring my designer perspective into the curatorial world. The project entailed choosing a piece from The Courtauld archive, delve in research to gather more information about it and design the case where it was displayed for 3 months in the Gallery. The timeframe for this project was 14 days.

I chose this beautiful, tiny and delicate piece—an opalescent glass bowl from the late XVII early XVIII century.
Because of the translucent material, I ventured to add a reflecting surface and a pulsing light at the bottom.

You can read more about the process in my website melisalenero.com

An installation timelapse at the Courtauld Gallery