Opinion piece on controversial 2019 Oscar wins on Metro.co.uk

  • Tobí Rachel Akingbadé

Spike Lee was right to ‘storm out’ when Green Book won best picture at Oscars amid ‘white saviour’ criticism – here is why The biggest night in Hollywood has sparked yet another debate over race and the ‘white saviour complex’ as Green Book won best picture at the Oscars. Spike Lee – who grabbed the award for best adapted screenplay for BlacKkKlsansman – reportedly ‘stormed out’ when Green Book won the award on Sunday night and I wasn’t surprised nor could I fault him for it. For starters, Green Book is a biopic about a black man that focuses on a white man and like Spike, I am exhausted – and bored – of watching Hollywood pat themselves on the back for pushing a ‘black movie’ while simultaneously erasing the voices of the central characters. The Oscars can and must do better. Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2019/02/25/spike-lee-right-storm-green-book-won-best-picture-oscars-amid-white-saviour-criticism-8734166/?ito=cbshare