• Emily Stewart

For my major project in graphic design I chose to focus on optics. I have always been fascinated with light refraction and how light can create different optical effects. My research for this project consisted of analysing the historical, theoretical and contextual uses of optics. I looked into the different arguments about the theories of light and wether it is a particle or wave as well as many theories of historical figures such as Sir Issac Newton. My outcome consists of a series of 5 posters that each display a different keyword under optics, with one poster giving an introduction of optics in general. These posters are aimed at, but not limited to, students at secondary school or college. The purpose of these posters is to give a more clear and visual explanation of these topics as during my research I noticed that the way optical processes are explained in textbooks can be quite confusing. The only visual aid used to display optics is with line diagrams. I also noticed that the language used is very technical and not easily understood by the audience who need to learn about it the most eg, students.