Our first event - April 2018

  • Jess Nash
  • Erin Aniker
  • Shelana Azora
  • Olivia Crooks
  • Sereena Abbassi

DON'T SLEEP ON US started out as a fun space to celebrate women of colour creating a difference. Whilst this has since evolved to celebrate all people, the format and vibe has remained the same. It's coming up to 3 years since this first event (whewww), and we'd like to thank everyone who took part and attended, from the exhibition artists to the DJ to the people who came alone. ❤️❤️❤️ DJ: TSHA (Teisha Matthews) Exhibition: We Are Here UK Photographer: Poetic Aaron Videographer: Gerald Onyango Graphic: Jess Nash Venue: Pop Brixton

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    Pop Brixton