"Our Home" - GDFS 2019

  • Natalia Zajdel

1st Place Winner of 2019 Graphic Design Scotland A humorous take on a very serious issue. I created this for the GDFS Live Project Brief, which asked the participants to design something that reminds them of their home. I took the approach of looking at how our personal homes all make up our real home; earth. If our homes were on fire, flooded or robbed we would immediately do something about it, as we care for our homes, so why don't we do that for our planet? The issue of climate change is very real, however, still quite a delicate subject hence why I wanted to spin the subject into a more fun direction. I have imagined aliens coming to our planet as our mums come into our rooms screaming to clean it up because we have turned it into a mess, just like we did with the earth. Aliens then gave us a manual on how to save our home, since we apparently are not capable of doing that ourselves!