Natalia Zajdel

Natalia Zajdel

CreativeAberdeen, United Kingdom
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Natalia Zajdel

Natalia Zajdel

CreativeAberdeen, United Kingdom
About me
My name is Natalia Zajdel, I’m a Polish Graphic Designer based in UK As a designer, I adore conceptuality and contrast, as I value balance in both my personal and creative life. In my own practice, I care deeply about making designs that will bring something good to the world, even if they only provoke a thought. I want my work to connect with people and challenge their existing views and perspectives.
  • Sustainable Platform App Concept
    Sustainable Platform App ConceptA conceptual approach to app design. The app contains a more contemporary style to be attractive to the target audience of young adults, especially those who are passionate about sustainability and the issue of climate change. The app concept concentrates on the user being able to easily follow, favourite and find sustainable products, information on climate change and sustainable lifestyle. It also concentrates on allowing the user to calculate their personal impact on the planet by using an
  • "Our Home" - GDFS 2019
    "Our Home" - GDFS 20191st Place Winner of 2019 Graphic Design Scotland A humorous take on a very serious issue. I created this for the GDFS Live Project Brief, which asked the participants to design something that reminds them of their home. I took the approach of looking at how our personal homes all make up our real home; earth. If our homes were on fire, flooded or robbed we would immediately do something about it, as we care for our homes, so why don't we do that for our planet? The issue of climate change is
  • Infographic Poster: Data Show
    Infographic Poster: Data ShowFor the DATA SHOW at the beginning of the final year of my Comm Des course, we were asked to create an infographic poster on a topic of our interest. As an individual who is extremely passionate and interested in astrology, I have chosen to create a fun, simple infographic on one of the zodiac signs; the Gemini. I allowed the main body of design to display the information itself and used text to add other details about the zodiac sign. The poster displays the Gemini zodiac sign and it's most
  • 2020 Graduate Degree Show Poster
    2020 Graduate Degree Show PosterBold yet simple poster I created for our 20' Graduate Degree Show. It was chosen in the class as the winning poster to represent the now sadly cancelled physical show.
  • Editorial: Book III Ego
    Editorial: Book III EgoThe third and final book of my conceptual editorial project focuses on the topic of Ego. It is also a homage for a great inspiration of mine - Witkacy, who "was a visionary ahead of his times, and yet a concretely pungent prankster, whose cutting-edge judgement and catastrophic prophesies allow new generations to rediscover his work time and again. One of the few Polish artists whose significance for world art history endures the test of time." He has greatly inspired me throughout my creative
  • Editorial: Book II Dreams
    Editorial: Book II DreamsThe second book of my conceptual editorial project focuses on the topic of dreams and astral travel. The overall dark aesthetical approach is a direct link to the idea of night and dreaming. The illustrations are purposefully a little harder to read at first and can be almost challenging for the viewer to understand, this creative choice mimics the idea that in our dreams, our “reality” is not clear and often seems unusual. Actually, one way to lucid dream is to be able to observe the dream and
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Projects credited in
  • Gray's School of Art, Robert Gordon University, BA (Hons) Communication Design
    Gray's School of Art, Robert Gordon University, BA (Hons) Communication DesignOur course offers you the opportunity to explore Communication Design through the investigation of traditional techniques and the latest digital technologies and production methods. Industry-led projects, European exchanges, national design competitions, placements and internships are all integral to the curriculum and place an emphasis on the professional and commercial setting.
  • Vera
    VeraHappy International Women’s Day everyone! To celebrate this wonderful day Natalia Zajdel and I created a book called Vera, inspired by the incredible Vera Rubin. Our book aims to teach equality and the importance of equal opportunities from a young age meanwhile celebrating the many achievements of women throughout history. For children and for adults to enjoy, we included a whole bunch of easter eggs to find and explore.
Work history
    Design InternLUSH UK
     - Poole, United KingdomInternship
  • Photoshop
  • Abobe Illustrator
  • Indesign
  • Illustration
  • Graphic Communication
  • Graphic Design
  • Graphic Art
  • Branding Design
  • UI Design
    Graphic Communication Design (BA Hons)Gray's School of Art
    Aberdeen, United Kingdom
    INTL logo
    INTL logo
    1st Place Winner GDFS 2019INTL