Over the Influence gallery presents (Synthetic Reality), a new body of work by Gosha Levochkin

  • Rosie Fitter

The first exhibition of Russian-American artist Gosha Levochkin in Hong Kong - presented by Over the Influence.

Over the Influence Gallery presents (Synthetic Reality), the first exhibition of Russian-American artist Gosha Levochkin in Hong Kong. The exhibition, opening from August 21, will show a new body of work by the artist inspired by his childhood love of cars.

Over the Influence gallery boasts a dynamic programme – championing artists who challenge traditional approaches to studio practice, exploring the intersection of arts and visual expression. No exception to this, self-taught artist Levochkin explores the harmonious interactions of subjects. Subverting compositional hegemonies, the orientation of his pieces is interchangeable meaning their narrative is determined by the viewer’s point of view.

Best known for his larger scale acrylic works in ligne claire, Levochkin’s pieces navigate themes of folklore and reality – exploring the history of storytelling. Born in 1986 in Moscow he moved to Los Angeles as a child, a year after the collapse of the Soviet Union. This change is a prominent influence in Levochkin’s art; his childhood memories of Soviet Russia are juxtaposed against his experience of a vastly different environment in California.

In his new collection Levochkin’s pieces explores his youthful obsession with cars. Growing up in Russia, children would play inside abandoned cars and be fascinated by the new models of automobiles. His conceptual dreamscapes in (Synthetic Reality) can be interpreted as using cars as an anchor to reality – exploring the experience of navigating truth and perception in art.

by Rosie Fitter

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