Oxford Doodle Club

  • Mat Roff
  • alex moore
  • Laura Hope

In August 2019, I launched a new art group called Oxford Doodle Club, following on from Geo Law's Doodle Club which was based in Sheffield for two years. The Oxford Doodle Club was set up by Mat Roff (an Oxford-based illustrator), Laura Hope (an Oxford-based illustrator) and Alex Moore (a London-based illustrator) to encourage artists and enthusiasts, both young and old to meet up once a month and discover the city of Oxford together. As freelancers, we tend to find it difficult to meet people locally because we are always either working from home, on location, or we struggle to find a network due to clubs and other creatives not been as visible, or as easy to connect with. With our Doodle Club we want it to be seen, we want people to feel included, and we also want it to promote the city of Oxford and all the wonderful museums, architecture, colleges and facilities that draw tourist to visit every year. Art directions, logos, branding and concepts were designed by me, as well as my co-founders and the aim is to allow each founder the chance to take over each month to bring something different to the advertising.

The branding started by looking back over old sketches from previous trips.
We wanted to keep it fresh, fast and easy to produce as we will only have a week to prepare our events, so simple sketches with a bright and fast composition seemed to work best...
We also adapted this style for our presentations, banners, stickers, posters and flyers...
Taking photos in the museums to promote the spaces was also important to us too, and we wanted to encourage people to visit by showing them exactly what was on show.
The only alterations we added was a few examples of mark making which we did free hand, so that the branding of our illustrations kept all of the marketing material connected...