Palestinian Hip Hop Band, DAM

  • Theo Rhodes
  • Ryan Rivers
  • Bethany Burgoyne

Palestinian Hip Hop Band, DAM, Inspire A Fresh New Sound From The Middle East DAM are as sincere as they are sarcastic. A movement between political statements, generational humour and musical comradery; it is refreshing to see a band that are unafraid to be seen in their natural light. Palestinian Hip Hop band, DAM, offer an abundance of personality, humility and passion. Made up of rapper Tamer Nafer, a force to be reckoned with, whose dry sense of humour and passionately profound statements keep any audience on their toes.

  • Director: Jasper Cable-Alexander
  • Photographer: Ryan Rivers
  • DOP: Theo Rhodes
  • Interview & Words: Bethany Burgoyne