Palm - Alcohol intake tracker

  • Oliver O'Malley
Through primary research, I discovered that people would like to be more aware about their alcohol consumption and the effects it has on their health. Therefore, I looked into ways of tracking alcohol data.
Alcohol Change UK recommended a diary and I therefore I went and presented the one provided by the NHS to people to complete and gain their feedback of the experience.
Among their feed back, they claimed it to be an inconvenience to carry it round since it involved them getting out their calculators to find averages and to obtain their data, carrying a pen around, and so on. How could this be more convenient?
The Solution
Palm is a phone case with integrated bio sensor technology, allowing you to monitor your drinking in a non-invasive way, through measuring your blood alcohol content through the sweat of your palm.
Sensors detect ETG (Ethyl Glucuronide) in sweat molecules. This is a minor metabolite of alcohol formed when the liver reacts with glucoronic acid, detoxifying the alcohol into water soluble compounds which is removed and detectable through fluids such as sweat.
Once the thin and flexible circuit board converts and analyses your data.
It then transmits it via Bluetooth to Palm’s dedicated app, which keeps a history of your records, and provides a platform to inform you about your well being with alcohol through its community page.
Here you can join specified pages and also connect with friends, allowing you to compare data and encourage some healthy competition to who’s blood alcohol content is lowest.

This product is available to many demographics such as social drinkers, fitness fanatics, all the way to people who may struggle with addiction. Data is also transferable to other app that contain a blood alcohol setting, such as the one on Apples health app.
Modelling and 3D printing prototype.