Pandemic Culture: Human Principles

  • Jemima Cox

PANDEMIC CULTURE: SEASON 2 Human principles: How brands thrive during lockdown We are in the biggest lockdown in history. An exit strategy feels distant while the global recession is closing in...welcome to the most trying period of the pandemic: adjustment. It’s a time where patience runs low and emotions run high. And a time where organizations are at risk of becoming completely disconnected from people. There’s a need for rapid innovation and creativity, but marketing budgets are slashed, purchasing behaviours are changing, and the risk of mis-steps is very real. Get it right and organisations can be in the vanguard of change. Get it wrong and there is the risk of becoming obsolete. To know how to move forward, we need human principles.

In Season 2, we took on the Pandemic Response framework and applied it to the most pressing business challenges the crisis presents. Joined by a new expert each week, we deconstructed one challenge and learnt how you can adapt and innovate, presented alongside inspiring case studies of brands who are thriving.

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