Pandemic Culture: Pandemic Response

  • Jemima Cox

Introducing the Canvas8 Pandemic Culture living report and its framework for crisis and post-crisis response planning.

In these extraordinary times, we at Canvas8 are more committed than ever to our core value of exploring human behavior to help businesses stay relevant. We’re galvanizing our behavioral analysts and global network to get you the information you need.

That’s why we’re offering weekly webinars every Thursday, examining the emergence of ‘Pandemic Culture’ and how to navigate it leveraging the power of behavioral science, and releasing a ‘living report’.

Thousands of business leaders joined us for the first instalment – and we thought you might be interested to join them, to discover how to leverage the power of behavioral science to better understand your customer and learn how to make better strategic decisions.

SEASON ONE: The Pandemic Response
Part One: Denial – View now
Part Two: Anxiety – View now
Part Three: Adjustment – View now
Part Four: Re-evaluation – View now

The report provides:
  • A framework for how businesses can monitor the crisis over time
  • An analysis of current and evolving trends
  • A behavioral science-based evaluation of what the consumer reactions will be