"Passing". Arrival/Departure. The Culture Trip

  • Sara Nicomedi
  • Sara Taglioretti

London-based Sara Nicomedi examines transience and belonging in her melancholic photo story ‘Passing’. For Italian photographer Sara Nicomedi, arriving and departing come with the same feeling of nostalgia. Nicomedi, who immigrated from Italy in 2010 and is now the artistic director for London Street Photography Festival, sees London as a city of passage, transient and foreboding, where everyone arrives, suffers, adapts and then departs. In her photo story ‘Passing’, Nicomedi follows a young woman from her home to various haunts in Dalston, East London. Exploring the hazy line between coming and going, Nicomedi contrasts movement and stillness, dawn and dusk, internal and external spaces. Her piece – melancholy, eerie and dynamic – is a poignant reminder that we are all just passing through.