Past & Found Studio - Launch of a contemporary art & design studio crafting pieces with found photographs

  • Rémi Lefèvre

Naming, branding, visual identity, website and communications strategy & execution for Past & Found Studio (June-July 2020) -- Past & Found Studio is London-based contemporary art & design studio created to commercialise unique artworks and prints crafted with found photographs. They needed a name, brand elements and a visual identity that could flow into an online shop and various online channels.

Past & Found Studio - website

Naming and logotype: contemporary, yet rooted in found material

Past & Found Studio creates contemporary art pieces that are pared down, thus celebrating the found photographs at their heart.
With this in mind, we went through dozens of possible names, referring the passing of time, art vocables and extensive research into the pieces themselves. The chief criteria was to make sure it would fit with the range of the studio's creations, from the minimalist Peak to the humourous This way.
Past & Found ended up being just the right balance of straightforwardness and intrigue, while encapsulating the process of the artists behind the studio, which consists in collecting vintage photographs from all over the world into an archive, from which artworks emerge.
Similarly, the logotype is a bold typographic approach, in turn resolutely modern and harking back to the 70s and 80s, the golden age of analog photography.

Visual identity: clean lines with pared down elements to let images breathe

Using FreshFonts' gorgeous Gangster Grotesk as a base layer, we opted for a visual identity leaving a lot of space to imagery, to make sure the artworks would be the main focus.
The main accent colour is a muted green which provides just the right amount of dynamism, while a bolder Klein-like blue can be used in places where art pieces aren't displayed.
Simplicity in layout and execution was the name of the game here, leading to the final product being very close to the wireframes.
Check the Past & Found Studio website and do feel free to send feedback via The Dots or the contact form there, it's always very welcome (for real).