Patchwork contributes to the 2018 International Wedding Trend Report

  • Olivia Knight
With people using Patchwork to organise and fund their honeymoons (up to 18 months in advance of their weddings) we gain super interesting insights into future honeymoon trends and are often asked to write trend reports.
In January this year we were asked to contribute to the Wedding Academy's International wedding report to share our predictions for popular honeymoons for the summer of 2018. And, as always, our trend forecast turned out to be spot on with Meghan and Harry (together with Patchwork couples) choosing Canada as their preferred honeymoon destination.
You can read our 2018 summer honeymoon update to find out why couples this year were choosing Trudau's Canada over Trump's America and why in post Brexit Britain newlyweds were showing their love for Europe.
To see this original report go here: