Paul McCartney– The Album Story

  • Ali Assaf

Paul McCartney’s first solo album dropped in April 1970, amid the emotional highs and lows of a turbulent year. Following the break-up of The Beatles, Paul secluded himself from the world with only a handful of instruments and a 4-track machine. That year, he would create a handful of songs and musical experiments that would take shape as ‘McCartney’. To celebrate the album’s digital remaster and reissue, I was commissioned to create an animated documentary with unbridled access to interviews, archive photography and home movie footage shot by Paul and Linda McCartney. The resulting film, ‘The Album Story’ is an evocative snapshot of a master musician at a unique point in their life and artistic career.

Watch the film in full here.

Directed by Ali Assaf. Produced by TALL TALE.