Peakon Illustration Identity

  • Florentina Surel

The Danish agency Kontrapunkt led and helped Peakon build a brand that is trustworthy, encouraging and humane. As the sole in-house illustrator, I created all the following work and more, based on the Brand Guidelines. The Peakon illustration style is simple, unpretentious and expressive. It works on the basis of ‘less is more’ and uses plenty of white space to give a sense of depth. The illustration is the soul of the product, but its purpose is to bring the user onboard in order to see how much value the data can bring.

For more than 2 years at Peakon, I've focused exclusively on illustration, DE&I representation in product illustration, my work slowly seeping into other areas such as iconography and traditional animation, while working closely with both the marketing and product teams.

Illustration has been used extensively across many platforms: social media, websites, web product and mobile app, event materials, print, internal comms, digital publications, employer branding, blog posts, data-heavy reports and so much more. In a bit over a year we made quite a lot of custom illustration. Out of those, here are a few favorites.

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