Peeping Museum

  • Luying Sallie Xu
Nowadays, neighborhoods and communities have expanded and fractured. We have to keep in touch with living, breathing human beings. We suffer from too much privacy and too much individuality. That’s why we’re out there tweeting and posting pictures online. In the age of peeping, if our privacy isn’t being invaded, we’re actually invading someone else. This is a tell-all, show-all, know-all digital world. Do you want to peep? Are you excited to be peeped? Peeping Museum invites you to watch and be watched.
Museum Experience 1
There are eleven rooms for visitors to experience the journey of peeing and being peeded. Each room has a hole on the wall that can see through the next room. The size of the hole will decrease from Room 1 to 10. So, while the first person leaving from Room 1 and entering into Room 2, the second person will enter into Room 1. All the visitors will follow this process one by one from Room 1 to 10. And, the awareness of being peeded will increase as well. In the last room (Room 11) there will be lots of digital screens on the wall that shows what happened in every previous room. Therefore, when the person in room 10 enter in the room 11, the person in Room 1 will be peeded by the person in Room 10.
Museum Experience 2
There are two rooms, one is called selfie room, which visitors can take selfie inside, the other one is called peeping room, people can look at the selfie photos. While people watching through the tiny peep hole on the wall, the projector will show what exactly they are looking at on the outside wall of the room.
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