PENCIL WINNER- Durex go female-first with new fashion placement

  • Jess and Nina .
  • Camilla Frankish

The laddish humour in communications around condoms mean only 2% of women carry a condom. We need to speak directly to women, to remove stigma and give them a safe place to buy them.

We will start by redesigning the packaging to make it appealing to women.
A big part of why women don't carry condoms is that they're too embarrassed to buy them at a drug store. So, placing them within Asos, with a simple one-click option to buy, puts condoms in a comforable place for women to buy them. And makes condoms a trendy lifsetyle product.
Print ads will further the fashion and lifestyle move, bringing to the front of trendy products.
We will connect on instagram as the social channel of choice for many women.

This is a 2019 campaign by Jess and Camilla.