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Camilla Frankish

Creative CopywriterUnited Kingdom
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Hello, I'm a copywriter and die-hard DIY'er, in love with humans. As a creative shapeshifter, I have worked in lots of different sectors in different countries. This could be described as unfocused but has made me an expert at walking in other people's shoes – something that is invaluable if you want to solve problems and tell stories using creativity. Having outgrown the dressing-up box, I now play pretend by writing in the voice of pretty much anyone/thing - ranging from grandma or surf dude to teddy bear. I write for websites, newsletters, social media, video and audio. I also help brands tell their unique stories and develop engaging concepts for campaigns and content. Copywriting Creative Concepts Tone of Voice Brand Story Content Contact me at camillafrankish@gmail.com
  • Colorfeel - United Colors of BenettonWe came up with a way for people with sight loss to feel colour. The inability to see colour is a barrier to independence and self-expression for people with severe visual impairment. But you don't have to see colour to be able to enjoy it. By introducing a system of tactile clothing labels, we can give blind people the ability to feel the colour of their clothing. Both as a practical aid and as a way to use colour as self-expression. Brief set by Creative Conscience
  • Durex - Sex. Own It - D&AD New Blood WinnerWe repositioned Durex from a loud lad-brand to one that speaks to women. Only 2% percent of women regularly carry a condom. Many women find it embarrassing to buy them and rely on the guy to have one. We re-designed the packaging to appeal to women, changed the tone of voice in communications, provided an empowering message and offered and easier way to buy and carry condoms.
  • Work free with 5G – giffgaff powering freelancersThe type of powerful computers and hardware used for things like video/audio editing are so expensive and cumbersome that you generally have to be within a corporation in order to use them and physically be in front of them, like in an editing suite or computer lab. The bandwidth that comes with 5G means that the processing can happen remotely on a different device connected to the more powerful workstation. This blows the door wide open for people who want to work remotely. Giffgaff offers yo
  • Cheers to Choice - Pentire Non-Alcoholic SpiritPentire Adrift is a non-alcoholic spirit distilled with wild plants from the Cornish coastline. The problem: People think of Pentire Adrift as an alternative to gin, but it can never be as gin as gin. The insight: More people are choosing alcohol-free because they WANT to - not because they HAVE to. A fifth of UK adults already don’t drink, and it’s an active choice to step out of the norm. Pentire doesn’t need to change drinking behaviour. The solution: Present Pentire as a great non-alc
  • Kove cases - A startup keeping wetsuits out of landfillKove cases is a startup I co-founded. We turn recycled wetsuit material into stylish laptop cases and sleeves, keeping it out of landfill. Neoprene is not otherwise recyclable and over 300 tonnes end up in landfill each year, just in the UK. All cases are handmade in our Cornwall studio.
  • De-Snag Your Head - SANE mental health charityDe-Snag Your Head -no one is broken beyond repair. Every single day in the UK two construction workers take their life. Stress, depression and anxiety account for a fifth of all work-related illness. The construction environment is predominately male, macho and COMPETITIVE. There's a lot of talk and banter on building sites, but not with much depth and substance. So, we wanted to open up conversation in an unexpected way that resonates with this audience. Use humour to break down facades a
Projects credited in
  • Falmouth University, BA(Hons) Creative AdvertisingPitching, hustling, scribbling, sea swimming, protesting, researching, dog walking, arguing, crafting and having fun. Week in, week out. That's how, in 2018 and 2019, our students have won the most number of awards compared to any other ad school in the world. Our course has an uncompromising emphasis on learning by doing. And it works. Our grad network is the biggest and most successful in the world, and you will find Falmouth folk working in renowned ad agencies including Ogilvy, Wieden
  • Kove is saving old wetsuits from landfillUK surfers throw out 380 tonnes of wetsuit a year. So we got together with some friends to create a business that addresses this. Introducing Kove cases; laptop sleeves made from 100% upcycled neoprene.
  • PENCIL WINNER- Durex go female-first with new fashion placementThe laddish humour in communications around condoms mean only 2% of women carry a condom. We need to speak directly to women, to remove stigma and give them a safe place to buy them.
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    Copywriter | Content MarketerFreelance
    United KingdomFreelance
    Copywriting for a variety of clients including Gendall Design, Creative Falmouth and Archie Browns
    Community & Social Media CoordinatorArchie Browns
    Truro, United KingdomPart Time
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    1st BA (Hons) Creative Advertising Falmouth University
     - Falmouth, United Kingdom
    FETAC Theatre ProductionColáiste Stiofáin Naofa
     - Cork, Ireland
    D&AD New Blood 'One To Watch'D&AD
    Camilla Frankish was a 'One To Watch' winner at the 2020 D&AD New Blood festival
    D&AD New Blood PencilD&AD
    Our campaign 'Sex.Own It' for Durex, won a graphite pencil at the 2019 New Blood festival.