Penguin Books Student Awards

  • Georgia McDonald

PENGUIN BOOK STUDENT AWARDS Penguin Books holds a competition for students every year. This is my submission for the Fiction book, the classic mystery thriller writer, John le Carré. The design was inspired by Saul Bass. I set out to create style that captured the mystery, paranoia and era of the story without being too overtly retro in style. The typeface was created, by me, solely for the book jacket and is a fully functionally and working type. Inspired by the old fashion spy techniques of blackout block lines over sensitive text in war time censorship. I was excited to take this Project further and expand this creative edgy style on to two other John le Carré Books. The Constant Gardener & The Russia House. Creating a set of 3 unique book covers. WHO: PENGUIN STUDENT AWARDS COMPETITION 2020. LOCATION: LONDON, UK. PROJECT: JOHN LE CARRE, THE NIGHT MANAGER, BOOK COVER.